A French native, Robin Ymer, (Claude Aguilera's pen name for her mythical children's fantasy, MYTHICAL VOYAGE: THE TALE OF THE WHITE PONCA), spent her formative years in North Africa and France. Early in life, she manifested an interest in art. A dreamer and mediocre student in high school, she eventually boarded at the conservative "Maison de la Legion d'Honneur" in Saint Denis. There, Robin spent her free time drawing, and, after a summer stay in Sidmouth, England, she decided to study languages. She completed her secondary education in Saint Denis and passed her "Baccalaureat- Lettres et Philosophy" in Paris.

<br><br>Robin came to the United States and majored in English Literature. A full time student at Northridge University in California, she received a scholarship from Rotary Club International. While at Northridge University, she taught herself to model in clay, making life size portraits of fellow students. She graduated with a minor in Spanish intending to return to Europe and teach, but ended up going on to San Francisco State University where she earned a master's in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
<br><br>While studying at SFSU, she attended flight school in San Jose, California, and her future changed. She married a fellow pilot and remained in the United States where she taught ESL, French and Spanish as she moved about in support of her husband's career. She never gave up art and created finials that are now reproduced in California. Robin and her husband raised two daughters and now live in Palo Alto, California, where she tends her garden, sculpts, and writes.