Readers know me as A. G. Hayes, author of the ingeniously compelling, multi-award-winning Koski and Falk secret agent series, including, in order of publication


THE JUDAS LIST (Savant 2012)



FINDING KATE (Savant 2016) introducing my Kate Keenan Special Assignment series

QUANTUM DEATH (Savant 2016) with Raymond Gaynor


which, many agree would make an excellent TV or movie series. After all, I was trained first as a screenwriter and worked Hollywood for many years before I began authoring novels. Despite the thrill and danger of the Koski and Falk series and my new Kate Keenan Special Assignment series, there has always been another kind of adventure lurking in the back of my mind since I was a child working the vaudeville circuit with my parents: the melodramatic screenplay fantasy. Typically set in "Merry Ole England," they were presented in one act as part of an afternoon or evening vaudeville variety theater presentation. 

It was from this tradition that CHANG THE MAGIC CAT (Aignos 2017) emerged. Originally written as a one-act play, it immediately began taking on a new life of its own, and I soon realized it was considerably more than a nostalgic return to comic vaudeville. Perhaps because of my now well established prose authoring experience, it came to me that it represented an entirely new genre: the screenplay novel. That is, it could just as easily be read as a novella as it could be used as the actual script for a theatrical or cinematic production. But that's not all. What further emerged was a new kind of "easy read" that I think better fits today's readership: namely, a short, adventurous, highly visual fantasy enjoyable not just once but many times over, whether read silently alone as a book, or out loud to one or more listeners as a play or used as a ready-made script for a TV or movie production. 

I'm pleased to share with you this new aspect of my authoring soul, CHANG THE MAGIC CAT, in the form of a new genre for the 21st century—the screenplay novel—and hope you will find it as fun to read or enact as I found writing it!