Like my first book, HELLO, NORMA JEAN (Savant 2010), THE LOONS (Savant 2012) also started out as a screenplay written several years ago. In converting THE LOONS into a contemporary comedy-of-errors novel, I worked hard to maintain the freshness of a play and the visuals of a movie. Reminiscent of the screwball comedies of the 1930s, THE LOONS is replete with heavy doses of love woven throughout the chaos.

As with HELLO, NORMA JEAN, I was excited that Savant Books and Publication saw promise in my pitch for THE LOONS: "Con artist gets conned into caring for seven eccentric cousins" all barely hanging on by their lunatic fringe. My thanks to Savant and to my Savant editors, Zach Oliver and Chris Catron, who constantly steered me back from the precipice so I wouldn't fall off the cliff into total absurdity. Thanks also to Kristin Arbuckle for the perfect rendition of the cover art that was in my head almost as soon as THE LOONS came into mind.

Parents are supposed to love all of their children exactly the same, and I would normally presume that applies to authors and their books, except that THE LOONS is clearly my favorite of my works. I say this without a hint of braggadocio. I was handed THE LOONS in its entirety as a gift from wherever inspiration resides until it hits home. All I did was listen and type. Well, I also smiled and laughed from time-to-time, as I so loved the characters.

Writing means so much to me, as I lost one third of my support system when my husband of forty-one years died this past summer. He was so happy for me when my first book was published, and I know he would have been thrilled to celebrate THE LOONS. Now it's up to Meagan and Erin to welcome another this new sibling into the family.  That shouldn't be too tough as they're both blessed with an abundance of compassion and caring.

I hope that you enjoy THE LOONS as much as I enjoyed bringing the DeLunes from idea to reality.

Sue Dolleris
Author of
     THE LOONS (Savant 2012)
     HELLO, NORMA JEAN (Savant 2010)