I often heard readers, bookstores and publishers alike say with a grim, Nietzschesque frown, "Poetry is dead." And, if one is to believe that publishing is all about "making money," they certainly may be correct. But publishing, at least at Savant Books and Publications, isn't just about money; it's about sharing fine literature with readers all over the world. In sort, communication. But not just communication - if prose is the bread and butter of literary publishing (and it is), then poetry is its very heart. I'm proud to say that with the release of our third yearly poetry anthology, FIFTY-EIGHT STONES (Savant 2012), all of us at Savant Books and Publications continue our commitment to communicating heart-to-heart with readers.

Poetry anthologies generally don't "make money" (but then what does actually make money these days aside from counterfeiters?). Ours are no exception. Savant publishes the yearly anthology as a public service, without financial expectations. Contributors to Savant anthologies, whether poetry or short stories (yes, we are still considering the later) receive fame but no royalty compensation.On the other hand, our 2011 anthology, WAVELENGTHS (Savant 2011) won first place in poetry at the London Book Festival and has received applauds from readers worldwide, several poets have launched their literary career, and a number of prose authors have had the opportunity of sharing their hearts with avid readers. As a publisher, I'd say our poetry anthologies have been, and I hope will continue to be a resounding success, despite poetry anthology naysayers.

If you appreciate heart-to-heart communication, I invite you to purchase and enjoy a copy of FIFTY-EIGHT STONES - 2012 Savant Anthology of Poetry (Savant 2012) that's just been released. Help us keep poetry alive in a world that can seem lost and soulless in its inexorable pursuit of that greatest of human illusions - money. Take a moment and smell the flowers. They're still there.

Daniel S. Janik