RULES OF PRIVILEGE is my third legal thriller, and fourth thriller overall (third issued by Savant Books), following KANAKA BLUES, MANIFEST INTENT, and WRONGFUL TERMINATION.

The world of law and lawyers is a fertile field for novels of this ilk, and some would say it’s really not much of a stretch for an attorney to write fiction. Fortunately, I also try my hand at non-fiction, having ghostwritten Murphy Martin’s memoir of his years in journalism, FRONT ROW SEAT: A VETERAN REPORTER RELIVES THE FOUR DECADES THAT RESHAPED AMERICA (Eakin Press 2003) and collaborated with rodeo-cowboy-turned-actor-director-producer Robert Hinkle on his memoir of his movie career in CALL ME LUCKY: A TEXAN IN HOLLYWOOD (University of Oklahoma Press 2009), with another non-fiction project currently in the works.  Between practicing entertainment law, screenwriting, and operating a literary agency, and writing books, I manage to keep myself fully employed.

Mike Farris
Author of RULES OF PRIVILEGE (Savant 2012)