Rich Cameron kept trespassing into my thoughts like an uninvited but interesting guest.  He had so much more to say that was worth listening to, reading about, sharing with his audience - those who read POOR RICH (Savant, 2010) and those who haven’t - that everything else in my writing agenda took a back seat until Rich told this funny, gripping, sometimes hysterical, sometimes tearful, always delightful story.
It was like listening to a young adult telling an older, and wiser adult a story that was churning inside of him to get out, like Rich was talking to a psychiatrist he trusted without the clock running, without the psychiatrist’s “why” and “tell me more about that” interruptions.  He requested and I allowed him all the time in the world to tell us what happened that strange year in his young life, a year that would shape who he was and what he would become.
He invaded my thoughts, even my dreams, until I wrote it; every word, every description of his.  Like a movie that I was too emotionally involved with to leave, I became  the instrument that allowed him to tell his story in book form.  He must have spoken to Jonathan Marcantoni, our editor, as well, because Jonathan heard some things I missed or misunderstood and made appropriate changes.  At the end, and even today when I pick up the printed book, or read it from a computer file, I find myself once again interested in this story and the young man who spent almost two months confiding it to me.
I don’t hear Rich any more except in a satisfied way when I pick up the copy.  He’s obviously content with his story.  I’m happy with it.  Jonathan’s happy with it.  Savant will be happy with it if tons of readers decide to pick it up and read it as well.

Jean Blasiar
Author of POOR RICH (Savant, 2010) and RICHER (Savant, 2011)