Writing has always been my supreme passion!

It was nourished at Wabash College, an all-male liberal arts college in Indiana, where as an English major I contributed short stories, satiric articles and cartoons to the literary and humor magazines. Following most of a three-year hitch in the Army Security Agency on the East/West German border, I embarked on a long career as a First V.P. Investments with a major investment firm in Chicago. During this time, I made stock market history when in 1966 and 1967 I wrote and announced the first market reports on television followed by 20 years on radio.

Although show biz was fun and profitable, a bigger high came from the publications of my short stories and novels and options of my screenplays. One screenplay, THE LAZARUS CONSPIRACIES, was a top ten finalist in the 2000 Illinois/Chicago Screenwriting Contest. It was the genesis of a novel version published by Savant Books and Publications in 2013. Two years later it won an award in fiction at The Pacific Rim Book Festival in Hollywood. Savant also published another mystery/thriller, THE GUMSHOE, in 2016, and my screenplay/novel, COMIC CRUSADERS, in 2019. My teleplay, STATIC, was adapted into a film version by K. Simmons Productions in Hawaii. It premiered this September in Hawaii and throughout the U.S. on FOX affiliate stations to rave reviews. RETRIBUTION, a sequel to LAZARUS, was just released by Savant. And as I write this, seeds of a sequel to GUMSHOE are already taking root in my brain.

The passion continues!