My life has been immersed in books as long as I can remember. My father was a freelance magazine writer. My parents met at a publishing company where he was a researcher and she was an administrative assistant. I grew up in a home where books were treasured; bookshelves lined the walls and hallways, and overflowed with tomes of myriad genres. As a youngster I wrote short stories and novelettes to entertain myself and my friends. But the time available for writing was quickly taken over after I married for a life of raising children and the daily grind necessary to support a family. After I retired, time once again became available, and I began writing full-length novels in earnest.

Readers often say that my novels are so realistically detailed that they spring alive right out of the pages. Much of that comes from exhaustive research. My background in investigations honed my research skills. My utmost desire is that someone intimately familiar with the described situation, area, building or item will smile and nod in agreement with my narrative.

However, technical details, no matter how visually sharp to a reader, pale when compared to the power of the human emotions that enwrap us and drive our lives. It's the depth of those passions that urge us daily, beckoning us even when we know the path is dangerous or self-defeating, which thoroughly intrigues me. Potent emotions are an integral part of the mania of the human mind and I like to include their entire range within my works. I think it makes my characters come alive against the realistic backgrounds I create. When the reader feels feel even when it's fiction.

I hope you'll find my newest work, THE HANGING OF DR. HANSON (Savant 2014) as rich and immersive as my Amazon Kindle bestselling novel, THE BAHRAIN CONSPIRACY (Savant 2010).

Bentley Gates
Award-winning author of
THE BAHRAIN CONSPIRACY (Savant 2010 -- Amazon Kindle Bestseller)