As a WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA author, I've written over 200-published books of fiction and non-fiction in just about every (if not every) genre … including erotica. Because of the latter, I'm apt to warn potential readers to be sure to check with me to see whether or not a book of mine is a cozy mystery, a mainstream romance, western, sci-fi, horror tale, children's book, or an exposé with enough sex to turn your grandma's toes.

My very first published piece was an article for a men's magazine, "Argosy," the result of a search for Inca gold between my junior and senior years at university. Besides, the article, I came back from humid South American jungles with a bad case of crotch rot (since cured). I enlisted for three years in the U.S. Army, honorably discharged at the rank of E-5.

Having traveled the world extensively, I've drawn on those personal experiences when writing many of my books. All of my books originally written in longhand with a fountain pen.