I was searching for a Koski and Falk adventure in-between THE CHEMICAL FACTOR (Savant 2015) and my next work, FINDING KATE (Savant, currently in editing), and blue-sky chatting with Raymond Gaynor, author of the Tripler and Clark series politico-techno-thriller TOTAL MELTDOWN (Borgo/Wildside 2013), when suddenly, in a synchronous "ah-ha" moment, we came up with the plot for QUANTUM DEATH (Savant 2016). 

The work emerged in its entirety over the next couple months, with Koski and Falk naturally assuming positions as key protagonists, and Kate Keenan of FINDING KATE (Savant, currently in editing) in an unusual half-antagonist/half-protagonist role. In QUANTUM DEATH the duo becomes a trio, at the least in the sense of a tense romantic triangle and at the worst a doomed ménage à trois, the outcome of which will ultimately determine the course of Koski and Falk's growing relationship. 

The work surrounds the existence of the enigmatic and elusive kvantovaya mashina smerti, or Quantum Death Machine, an imaginary device based on research Raymond and I did surrounding M-Superstring Theory and Quantum Science. 

QUANTUM DEATH is a perfect segue into my next anticipated novel, FINDING KATE, which is actually a prequel to QUANTUM DEATH. Love those relationships, don't you?

A. G. Hayes
Author of 
     THE JUDAS LIST (Savant 2013)
     IMMINENT DANGER (Savant 2014)
     THE CHEMICAL FACTOR (Savant 2015)
     QUANTUM DEATH (Savant 2016)