Roscel Garcia's interest in books started at an early age with Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys Mysteries. My literary journey continued throughout high school and college, holding positions at the local Public Library as a Library Page.

B. Dalton’s Bookseller became the next chapter, serving as Assistant Operations Manager. Suddenly exposed to many facets of the publishing industry, I developed an interest in both editing and sales, eventually pursuing a sales pathway. My subsequent 19 years as a Sales Rep at Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins Publishers proved to be fulfilling years, during which I came to enjoy the challenge of matching titles to my accounts and in turn, to my customers. Ironically, growing confidence in my ability to assess the customer climate led to a rekindling of my interest in editing.

After spending so much of my life adult life in the hustle and bustle of the NY/NJ area, i
n 2016, I experienced a personal plot turn that had me relocating and calling Hawaii home, With my lifelong love of West Coast Swing and Hustle dancing, I now serve also a an Assistant Dance Instructor with my professional dance partner and husband. Successfully relocated, I'm excited to rekindle my literary past, this time as Director of Distribution for Savant Books and Publications/Aignos Publishing. I'm also looking forward to starting a new journey on the editorial side as a Savant/Aignos proofreader.