It’s both a pleasure and an honor to be a part of the Savant Books & Publications Author’s Blog. But, it’s even a bigger thrill to introduce myself and my writing to you, the reading public.

I guess you could say that I’ve lived a pretty exciting and varied life; lots of places and experiences to draw from, all culminating with my first fiction novel, "Tropic of California: The Strains of Strauss."

I’m the original Southern California “dude” who, growing up, always enjoyed fun in the sun, ocean waves, and the zany pulse and creativity of L.A.  I’ve lived in other colorful locales like New York City, San Francisco, and nearby Berkeley. I’ve traveled the world, stopping off in far off (and far out) lands including Asia, Australia, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the tumultuous, heartbreaking Middle East.  Today, I’m a Southwest mountain man, writing this blog from my current, amazingly culturally rich home of Santa Fe, New Mexico.   

But, first and foremost, I’m a writer with ideas and stories to share.  I’m an observer of life, both through my travels as a musician and my experiences as a psychotherapist. I draw inspiration from different places, different worlds − a veritable bouquet of atmospheres. I draw inspiration from everyday people and their incredible circumstances. I draw inspiration from my inner world of thoughts and dreams.  All this compels me, even pushes me to write, to put it down into words.

My philosophy of writing is simple: Hopefully, through the written word, I hope to bring new insight as to why and how human beings think and act, with a bit of thoughtfulness and humor thrown into the literary mix. Perhaps I can contribute my particular understanding and perspective with regards to the living and breathing phenomenon we call the “human condition.”

I’ve been writing for a long time now; reports, essays, theses, editorials − mostly from a socio-political, psychological point of view. Lord knows I’ve had enough academic schooling: California State University at Northridge, UCLA, Cal Berkeley and graduate schools in both social welfare and psychology. (I better know how to write after all that!)

 So now I’m presenting my novel, "Tropic of California" to you, the reader. People ask me if this book is autobiographical. (After all, it’s about a guy living in L.A.; his ups and downs, his struggles with friendship, work, and romance.)  I’d have to say that it’s loosely based on my own life. Certainly there’s a lot in the book that I can relate to my own experiences living in Los Angeles. The Southern California scene, including Marina Del Rey, Dodger Stadium, the Sunset Strip, apartment life, the beach, seafood restaurants, all so familiar to me, (and to millions of Los Angelenos), is unabashedly included in my work. Still, I’d have to say that Alan Strauss, the main character, definitely takes the concepts of “drama” and “high seas” to a whole new level!  (It’s amazing he’s still standing at the end of the book!)

With that all said, I’m very excited to have my first book published with Savant, and hope that you’ll join me on my writing journey as I continue to explore and present life through the lens of my words and ideas.

Sincerely Yours,
R Page Kaufman
Author of "Tropic of California: The Strains of Strauss" available on
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