Gloria Schumann called to write CALLED HOME - TWO HEARTS ANSWER

Words for descriptions, words for feelings, words for actions—all run through my head around, above, amongst the characters that drive the need for these words. My imagination is ever at the ready to take off into the magical world of fiction. My characters are kind, compulsive, intense, base, philanthropic, rude, giving and forgiving. The situations are as varied and entertaining as the characters. This world is where I am comfortable, where I am meant to be. Outside of it, I am a very ordinary woman living a very common life.

I grew up in Michigan, graduated from the University of Tennessee with a business degree, married and moved to Minnesota to see how long it would take to freeze my eyeballs, only to wind up in the melting heat of Austin, Texas, to raise three children and begin a writing career. Writing offers me more than I could have ever hoped and in turn, I offer you the story in CALLED HOME for your own enjoyment, entertainment and escape.

I believe each place I've lived, every person I've encountered, every exchange I've witnessed—everything I've experienced in this temporal life—has prepared me to become a writer. With this in mind, I am also firmly convinced that without all that has come before, I would not be in the position I am now—soon to release CALLED HOME - TWO HEARTS ANSWER in April 2010.

Gloria Schumann
Author of CALLED HOME - TWO HEARTS ANSWER - soon to be released!