Although I pen thousands of words to describe action adventure tales, it is difficult for me to string together a few dozen words about myself. My background in investigations gives rise to skepticism, continuously challenging norms, demanding reasoned explanations, holding high standards to meet. I insist on high standards in my fictional writing as well, expecting the reader to be as skeptical as I am. That said, I also am a realist who knows that only by meeting the high standard set by readers everywhere will my work succeed. I hope to earn your trust by meeting those high standards.

My pleasure when teaching was witnessing the sudden acceptance of a new idea by the student. A certain light in their eyes, accompanied by a particular smile always shine when the student experiences an epiphany of understanding. No longer teaching, I now envision readers with that same light as they come to a new or simply deeper understanding of the world through my novels. Fiction should reflect the real world and entice the reader to reflect upon themselves in a new or different light. That is my hope and I believe the hope of every author.

I am pleased to offer to the readers a story that could be taken from current headlines. Somali Pirates continue to hijack ships while Islamic Terrorists kills dozens daily in suicide missions. US Navy SEALs, shunning headlines, continue to risk everything to protect world peace. The plan of the terrorists in THE BAHRAIN CONSPIRACY is entirely possible, which makes this unique cabal in terrorist warfare so frightening.

In the works is a Civil War Era story based on actual events and historical records entitled “The Hanging of Dr. Hanson.” It is a fictional account of the life and events that led to the 1867 hanging of Dr. Hanson Bumgardner. Folks that have heard me describe the fantastic tale cannot believe documented events are the basis of the book. From being captured by Shoshone Indians to surviving Camp Chase Prisoner of War Camp Hanson’s life story is astounding. I hope to have more to say on this story soon when it nears final edit.

Bentley Gates
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