I was born in an orange crate house next to a pot-belly stove in the cold spring of 1930, where "out" was the only option.

My pop was a genius in tile and terrazzo work and anything else he put his hand to. Mom was a self-taught linguist. Dad's earliest book was a tri-lingual, illustrated dictionary.

After receiving my BA (English) from Wayne State University and, later, after a stint in the US Army, I went back to school for my MA from U. of Chicago. Initially, I worked as copy-reader with Compton's Encyclopedia, and later as Associate Editor for Popular Mechanics Magazine in the early sixties. I also taught English grammar, rhetoric, literature, logic, et al. at City Colleges of Chicago from 1962-1995.

I began writing in 1982 after a forced retirement from a broken ankle. I reluctantly met and dated my first computer in '85 and my writing took wing. 

Formally retired in 1995, I've written three novels and eight short stories.

Of five children -- two daughters, three sons -- the oldest is a business consultant, the youngest is an English Teacher, one son is a poet, one an artisan and another a Ph.D. in Classical Greek. 

My Yankee wife and I are now happily ensconced in an old farm house in rural Crete, just south of the Chicago. My new novel, AMMON'S HORN was just released by Savant Books and Publications.

G. Amati (Guerrino Amati)
Author of AMMON'S HORN (Savant 2011)