Part of the reason why I write a book is because it needs to exist and personally, I really want to read it! I half-jokingly believe that the artist is like a puzzle with one piece missing, perhaps stolen by an unseen power, and this individual will then spend the rest of their life creating works in an effort to try to get that piece back. I’ll confess that I am a hopeless romantic and my works often display that stamp. 

I have been writing for 45 years, since I was nine. I have an MFA in Creative Writing, an MA in English and studied in the Poetics Program at New College in California. My novels include: Warehouse, The Woman in the Middle, The Lover from Sarajevo, London San Francisco, Mr. Mist, a sequel to London San Francisco, Navel of the Sea, Chateau Beauchere, and The Paper Boat, (my favorite), about the fantastic yet short lived life of Percy Bysshe Shelley. I have also written 12 chapbooks of poetry, a collection of essays and a screenplay entitled The Plant. I am currently working on a new novel about a man who comes to America from Ireland in 1969 and rides a motorcycle across its 50 states.