As a professional actress, journalist, television news anchor, and voice over artist, I've spent nearly two-thirds of my life telling other people's stories; I'm now bursting at the seams to tell my own! My latest released title, BENEATH THEM, is my first release through Aignos Publishing, an imprint of Savant Books and Publications. BENEATH THEM (Aignos 2017) is a young adult thriller about a mentally disturbed young man who secretly moves into the crawl space underneath the home of a happy, young, suburban family. The book is based off of a screenplay by the same name, written alongside my writing partner, Mali Elfman.  

The idea for this story was heavily inspired by my time working as a television news anchor. My time as a news anchor exposed me to a truth: we have to desensitize ourselves somewhat to societal injustices in order to go about our daily lives. If we didn't shield ourselves, we'd all kind of collapse. I wanted to explore this. I wanted to bring someone into our lives that we'd often overlook to force the reader to connect—to let this character in. In addition to this book, I have published the bestselling voice over industry guide, How to Become a Voice Over Artist, as well as the romantic young adult fantasy, Lucid.

Natalie Roers
Author of BENEATH THEM (Aignos 2017)