“Houston, we have lift-off,” Penny, my life companion said to me one morning standing in the doorway of my writing den. “Pardon?” I said, not making the connection. She repeated the phrase, and it hit me – Savant Books and Publications had just offered me a contract for my novel MY UNBORN CHILD! That’s how my relationship with Daniel S. Janik, the publisher and editor-in-chief of Savant books began; he offered me a chance to launch MY UNBORN CHILD, and I use the word launch deliberately because the theme of my novel is a flight out of the box of conventional thought!

MY UNBORN CHILD has a life of its own. It was born of an idea that took twenty years to gestate and grow in the womb of my creative unconscious into the child that it is today, fully formed and healthy and ready to take its place in the annals of world literature; and like all expectant mothers who give birth to their child, I am no less excited, joyful, and relieved to see MY UNBORN CHILD take its first breath of life!
I am a proud father today, and I want to thank my publisher for accepting my book after so many disheartening rejections. I know my child will do us proud!

Orest Stocco