Back in the late sixties my band was hired to perform at the opening of "Hair," the musical, in Toronto. For a musician to experience this seminal musical  about peace and love was a huge thrill, but let’s not kid ourselves - we were all there for the nude scene! The after-party was great and many of the cast came up and jammed with us into the wee small hours. From then on it seemed like every stage show had to have a nude scene.

I remember attending another such drama entitled "Dionysius in 69" performed in a theatre in the round. There was one cast member, a beautiful girl, who stood next to me and delivered her lines with passion and verve…and yes, while she was naked.

My voice teacher at the time used to hold Sunday afternoon get-togethers where all her students would perform for each other in order to develop stage presence along with their voice technique. You guessed it; the girl I’d seen in the play was there among us, but when it was her turn to sing, she broke into tears and walked off. I was stunned! How could this girl who had the nerve to perform nude in front of hundreds of strangers every single night be afraid to sing fully clothed in front of a dozen vocal students?

I now understand her emotional vulnerability. I have been comfortable singing in front of a microphone and audience since I was thirteen years old but now I stand in front of you as an author of a novel that took me years to write. And because it’s based on personal experience, the exposure, for me, makes it that much more palpable.

Now, after all the hard work and assistance I’ve been given I am well prepared to offer my work to you. In fact, I am proud and excited to bring you a story I believe will not only have you turning pages to the end, but will provoke you into asking what you, the reader, would do under the same circumstances. If nothing else, I promise you a very interesting journey.

Larry Rodness
Author of "Today I Am A Man"
Available now from the Savant Bookstore, and soon at fine bookstores everywhere