I've always been a storyteller. Even before I knew I could be a writer I loved telling stories. In summers during my college days I worked as a counselor at summer camp for kids in East Texas. Each night at bedtime in our cabin, I would sit in the middle of the floor and tell the kids science fiction stories about outer space. The kids were never so quiet until these times as they would hang on my every word. And each night after that, they would all remind me where I left off the night before, which was a good thing because I was just making it all up as I went along!

I've always been inspired by other author's stories, movies and especially music. I had the good fortune to be able to travel in my teens. I spent my first year in college overseas as an exchange student on the island of Malta with my brother. After that we got to see a great deal of Europe as well. And since then I have been able to see many fascinating places around the world. I've observed how other countries live and the ways of their cultures. Everywhere I go though, I always have some music with me and my vivid imagination. 

It was these experiences and my propensity to use music as my springboard to bring my imagination to life in words. At the age of twenty-six, I discovered I could write poetry. I became obsessed with it. I could never find a pen and pad fast enough when ideas came pouring from my mind. But during these twelve years of writing poetry, I always kept actual story ideas in mind, brewing on the backburner as one might say. Some ideas I jotted own, some I just kept in my head. And in 2007, I made the leap from poetry to novel writing. Eleven years and five novels later, I haven't looked back. I even managed to put together two collections of my poetry during that time. But writing novels has become my passion. 

ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK is now my sixth novel and first with Savant Books and Publications. It is the first of what is to become the One Night Trilogy. Parts two and three (novels seven and eight for me) of this trilogy are already completed. And I've just begun work on number nine, which is going to be a good old fashioned ghost story. 

My stories are from multiple genres, including modern literature, fiction, historical fiction and now science fiction with ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK. They are all available on Amazon.com and other popular book sites.

Keith R. Rees
Author of ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK (Savant 2