Born with a spiritual restlessness that could not be tamed by my Christian faith, I became a spiritual seeker when I discovered reincarnation in Plato’s Dialogues at the age of fifteen. I grew up in a small town in North Western Ontario, and at twenty-one I had my own pool hall and vending machine business; but my restless spirit called me away to seek out my destiny, and I sold my business and sailed to France.

In the Alpine city of Annecy, in the Haute-Savoie region of France I had a dream that called me to my destiny. I entered into the mind of every person in the world and took every question they had ever asked and reduced them all to one question: Why am I? I returned to Canada and went to university to study philosophy to seek an answer to this haunting question, and by “chance” I discovered Gurdjieff, the redoubtable teacher of a system of transformative thought that he called “the Work.” His teaching excited my restless spirit and compelled me to seek out the answer to man’s disquieting question in the fast, often tumultuous currents of daily living.

Called by my destiny again, I was severed from university in my third year of studies and started my own contract painting and drywall taping business, and for many years I lived what Gurdjieff mysteriously called “the way of the sly man,” which taught me how to use life for my own spiritual growth; and when I found the answer to my imponderable question I began my writing career with my provocative novel WHAT WOULD I SAY TODAY IF I WERE TO DIE TOMORROW? REFLECTIONS ON THE LIFE OF A SEEKER.

Shortly after its publication, which shocked my hometown, my life companion, Penny, and I relocated to Georgian Bay, in South Central Ontario. Here I had seven past-life regressions that resulted in such an explosion of consciousness that I wrote ten books in less than two years, and dictated three “Soul talk” books – THE WAY OF SOUL, THE SOUL OF WISDOM and THE SOUL OF HAPPINESS. With each book, I connected the dots a little more, until I finally understood the answer to the question "Why am I?" Now I am free to share my answer. Please join me in a life journey with MY UNBORN CHILD, the first of my reality spirituality novels, published by Savant Books and Publications.

Orest Stocco Author of MY UNBORN CHILD