For me, there is nothing quite as inspiring as nature, a child, nature and imagination.

   We all have different aspects to our identity that need expression, and writing THE ADVENTURES OF PURPLE HEAD, BUDDHA MONKEY AND STICKY FEET (Savant 2016) filled a need to express my love of nature in the voice of my inner child. I was an active youth, but the closer I got to adulthood, the less time I had to wander and imagine. When my son expressed interest in nature, the opportunity presented to reconnect with that precious part in both of us.

   This book is also the tangible byproduct of the drive to engage in a creative process with my son. We'd gone on many active adventures together, stuffing Purple Head, Buddha Monkey and Sticky Feet (yes, they actually exist!) into a backpack, and traversed woods, crossed rivers, and scoured beaches, making up stories about the gang as we went along. Finally, with so much time and energy invested in the gang, we thought it would be fun to memorialize their influence on us by writing a book about them.

   As a psychotherapist, I'm reminded that life is largely about inner battles. Sometimes we need the encouragement and support from friends. Other times we need to develop an inner dialogue that encourages us to overcome our fears, continue taking risks, and have some fun along the way!