I was very lucky to have Mr. Donaldson as my ninth grade English teacher. He taught me that writing was not a chore, but rather an opportunity to explore. He taught his students that when you read a book you follow someone’s path, but when you write, you get to explore. I thank him for sharing his love of language and storytelling, laying it out there for us to pick up. As an author and playwright, I explore new realms, learn, and, when I do it well, I get to touch lives. I am always curious at the end of a book, movie, or play about what happens next.

I have enjoyed storytelling, authoring and playwriting since then. When I first got involved with Stage III Community Theatre, I discovered even more ways to touch the heart of the audience, as evidenced in I'LL REMEMBER (Aignos 2019), my first screenplay-novel. I continue to meet creative storytellers and staff who encourage me to practice the gift given me so many years ago.

During my "other" life, I have worked as legislative staffer, mortgage broker, radio disc jockey and workforce specialist, helping people create a resume, which, if you think about it, is a way of helping people tell their story.

Clif Mc Crady
Author of I'LL REMEMBER - a screenplay-novel (Aignos 2019)