Hello!  My name is Tatsuyuki Kobayashi.

began making woodblock-prints while studying at Sugino Fashion University. In 2006, I presented my collected works in an international exhibition entitled "Rashoumon" at the Gallery La Mer in Tokyo. I exhibited more of my works in a second exhibition entitled "Self-portrait," a part of "The World of Five Individual Artists," again at Gallery La Mer in Tokyo. Inspired by Daido Moriyama's photography, I am continuing my exploration of the "Interzone" in mixed media - mainly paint and collage - at my studio in Tokyo.

The works in my book were completed between 2005 and 2008. In creating the book, I was myself pleasantly surprised that while the foci, presentations and media changed over time, my interest in portraying people in relation to today's big-city world didn't. By the way, the title, "Interzone," was inspired by a rock band named Joy Division, whose music inspired me to capture the infinite faces of life during one's journey from the darkness and coldness of beginning.

Consisting of about 130 woodcut images, my book, "The Interzone - A Man of the Dark Grey" has been almost a year in production and I am pleased to say that it has just now been released by Savant Books and Publications.

Please visit me at my website at http://kobatatsu.com.