Author Helen Davis has been writing since the age of twenty.

An interest in strong women protagonists led her to write and publish EVITA: MY LIFE (Booksurge, 2009), an historical novel about legendary Evita Peron.

Intrigued by the legend of Cleopatra since she was in high school, as EVITA was released, Davis took up pen and began work on another historical novel surrounding this queen who sought to control nations in an era in which women had little power. A polyglot herself, the author, in the course of writing the manuscript, developed a strong personal attraction to this legendary queen, whose only crime, like many other women in history, was to be on the wrong side of history.

While writing the novel, Davis began to wonder how the world might be if Cleopatra and Antony had triumphed at the Battle of Actium. It was out of this question that CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED (Savant 2015), the first of three books documenting her imagined new world, came to be.