Anticipation has been constantly building since I signed with Savant last summer to begin the publishing journey for CALLED HOME - TWO HEARTS ANSWER to release. Now, May 8, 2010, I'm thrilled to introduce a book that has been my significant companion over the past year and a half and has taken me on my own journey of learning and growth.

Romance is my genre; my first passion in books and movies. All categories interest me, but love grabs me all the time, and CALLED HOME - TWO HEARTS ANSWER is a romance in the truest sense with a little suspense and crime thrown in for good measure. Think of it as romance delivered directly from my home to yours.

The setting of the story, rural Wisconsin, was a sentimental choice, since every summer for two weeks as a child my family visited relatives in the state and experienced life on a dairy farm with its small town atmosphere. My times there are very dear to my heart, and I've called upon those memories to make CALLED HOME - TWO HEARTS ANSWER realistically country. Having always lived in the suburbs, small town life fascinates me; dairy farming is a close part of my own life and heritage. Both come to life in the pages of this unabashed romance.

Please enjoy the culmination of the effort of many professionals to bring this deeply rooted love story to you.

Gloria Schumann