Taking the reins of KINDRED - 2018 Savant Poetry Anthology was for me an honor. It was also a chance to wear another hat, that of a guest editor, and view the poems from a different perspective. Having taught English and Literature in bygone days, it was a refreshing experience to look thru the eyes of the poets and commit myself to the navigation of their words, images, points of view, and conclusions. 

Poetry is for me the thread that links us all. As children, the first things we recite and start to write are poems. It begins with rhymes, those words that have a particular sound that carries one to the next line, stanza or ending. It's a part of childhood development that can go completely unrecognized at times.

I won't go off into the weeds here in regard to the depth and excitement one can obtain and share in writing poetry in any of its myriad forms. Instead, I will leave it at this: When a poet uses words to construct different worlds and emotions inside a confined space that has become a part of either part of the poet's or readers' own memory or experience, then one is blessed with poetry. It's all about giving and receiving a gift. The poets in this anthology have the most outstanding of gifts for discerning readers. Enjoy!

Gary "Doc" Krinberg