After having authored nineteen non-fiction books on Indigenous worldviews, cultural hegemony, human rights, critical thinking and wellness, books that have been lauded by such thinkers as Noam Chomsky, Thom Hartmann, Sonita Gandhi, Dan Millman, Sam Keen, Vine Deloria, Jr., Eagleman and many of the world’s top environmental organizations, I think my first fiction book (not counting a children’s book I wrote in 1978), LAST SONG OF THE WHALES, might have a bigger impact on helping us return to a balanced way of living. I am thankful to Savant Publishing for its enthusiastic support for this project. As I live in Mexico, I plan on launching the first book signing in Careyes, a famous destination spot on the coast frequented by discerning people from around the world.

Don "Four Arrows" Trent