As the owner, senior editor and acquisitions editor for Savant Books, and a professional writer, I am honored to be the first to post to this Savant Author's Blog.  A physician-educator-linguist-writer-producer who's lived in almost every state of the USA at one time or another (I grew up in Alaska when it was still a territory and currently live in Hawaii), when people ask me who I am the first word that pops out is "a writer."  That is, after all, what I've been doing for over 40 years now irrespective of my wide experiential interests, and with numerous successful books and publications in a wide variety of genre's under many pen-names, I feel I've earned the right to proudly say such. 

I'm pleased to have published three poetry books (Footprints, Smiles and Little White Lies, The Illustrated Middle Earth and Last and Final Harvest) and the 22 July 2009 released second children's book, A Whales Tale, with Savant Books and Publications.  So what's in the future?  I'm currently updating and publishing my doctoral thesis as a textbook tentitively entitled A Neurobiological Theory and Method of Learning and am working on several period novels (more about them later in another post).

All-in-all, I'm thrilled to be writing with Savant, side-by-side next to the very best established and upcoming writers in the world, and in association with some of the best editors, illustrators, cover artists and photographers I've ever worked with.

Daniel S. Janik
Author of
     - Footprints, Smiles and Little White Lies (Savant)
     - The Illustrated Middle Earth (Savant)
     - Last and Final Harvest (Savant)
     - A Whales Tale (Savant)
Also author of
     - Unlock the Genius Within (Rowman & Littlefied Education)
     - How to Choose the Best English Language School in the USA (AuthorHouse)
     - Sourdough Scott's Bedtime Fairy Tales from Alaska (Publication Consultants)
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