My first published work, Ballerina Birdies, is being released just as I am about to give birth to my first baby -- July 2015! Both of them came to fruition with, love, patience, and a great team! Ballerina Birdies, couldn't have a better editor, illustrator or publisher! And to have found them all here locally is just amazing.

My desire to write a children's book came first, I just needed a place to start. I often recited a rhyme here and there about birdies to amuse the children I nannied. Their response was always encouraging and it was fun for them and me. I think Ballerina Birdies is a success because it was written for children, with children involved in the process. This allowed the poems to form in a way that they understood and enjoyed. What a blessing it is to be able to share it with a larger audience through publication!

Marina Yamamoto
Author of BALLERINA BIRDIES (Savant 2015)