THE PRINCESS IN MY HEAD (Aignos 2018) is my third novel, and a departure from my mysteries published so far.  I usually draw from my years as an F.B.I Special Agent for characters and plots that are full of bombs, task forces and financial crime.  In my middle grade Novel and Screenplay, I believe that Princess Aqualine and Princess Allison wanted to tell a different story – one that could entertain as well as help kids solve their own problems and respond to the problems of adults around them.   

This multi-media idea evolved from my personal love to stage my favorite stories.  From a makeshift platform in my basement, I’d cast my sisters in various roles and we’d read our “parts.”  Placing this story, with script included, in the hands of kids with Smartphone access means that home plays can become home movies, and future actors and directors may be born! That idea brings me great joy.