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Posted by Daniel S. on Saturday, October 29, 2016, In : Publishing 

As the owner of a small but well-established publishing house producing enduring literary works, I'm often asked where I think the publishing industry is ultimately headed. Twenty years ago that question would have been greeted with a quixotic lilt of the head. Today it elicits mainly a puzzled half-frown. 

For the past ten or more years, publishing has experienced one major upheaval after another. In the USA, first came the demise of several major bookseller chains, and the gradual repurpos...

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Posted by Daniel S. Janik on Monday, February 17, 2014, In : Publishing 
Finding a safe place on today's book publishing battlefield is no easy task; more so, charting a growth position for an uncertain future. For example, bookstores, mainly the large and regional chain stores, which have long been the mainstays of retail book sales, are disappearing at an alarming rate (a la Borders and now Barnes and Noble). The dwindling 3,000 small, independent bookstores are being heavily stressed to stay open as well. But that's nothing new -- it's been coming for a long t...
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