Author Richard Rose talks about the evolution of THE LAZARUS CONSPIRACIES

September 16, 2013

When I first conceived the idea for The Lazarus Conspiracies, I wrote it as a film script under the title “The Lazarus Project.” The script tells the story of a maverick Chicago cop who is so obsessed with seeing justice done that he repeatedly breaks the rules of police conduct in order to catch the bad guys. The script was a top ten finalist in the Illinois/Chicago Screenwriting 2000 Competition.

A few years later I decided to expand the script into a novel. In the process, the characters became more fully developed, more alive. In fact, the characters are now as compelling as the plot, which is driven by the characters’ obsessions, assumptions, decisions and actions.

Since I cannot reveal too much here about the plot without spoiling your enjoyment of the book, I will at least introduce you to some of the main characters whose actions propel the story:

Mack “Mad Dog” McPherson, a 21-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, who knows that the justice system doesn’t always work the way it should, that people with money and power often escape punishment for their crimes. A bitter personal experience of such injustice when he was a young man leads him to make a promise to himself—that  he will never allow people with money or power to escape justice.

Otis Winstrom, Mack’s reluctant partner, who wants nothing more than to lead a normal life with a beautiful wife and a satisfying career, and who is afraid that Mack’s penchant for taking the law into his own hands will blow up and ruin his plans for the future.

Megan Herbst, whose belief in her father’s promise to quit drinking leads to Mack’s unauthorized investigation into the circumstances of his death, which reveals a conspiracy implicating people of great wealth and power in a secret project that could change the course of world history.

Ortiz, a ruthless Venezuelan drug pirate who is obsessed with achieving something he calls “el momento supremo,” the supreme moment, a moment of such complete satisfaction that one could die happy after having achieved it. Although he has overcome many difficult challenges in his life, he still does not know what it will take to feel such total satisfaction…until he decides that killing Mack will be his momento supremo.

Angel Chavez, an assassin who kills by cutting his victims’ throats with a razor, a career that began when he was a choirboy and slit the throat of a priest who had abused him. For Angel, each successive killing is but a step toward redemption and seeking the forgiveness of Christ.

The Woman, a mysterious figure who set the Lazarus Project in motion and maintains the utmost secrecy to protect it.

There are of course many other characters who play important roles in The Lazarus Conspiracies, and I invite you to read the book so you can get to know all of them.

Richard Rose
Author of THE LAZARUS CONSPIRACIES (Savant 2013)



August 12, 2013
Hello Children's Book Lovers! 

It is my pleasure to announce the release of the third in the Savant "Color-Me-Please" series, THE TURTLE DANCES. This delightful 80-page children's story with 28 black and white, pen-and-ink illustrations by celebrated artist and illustrator Ruth R. Janik of A WHALE'S TALE fame recounts the adventures of Isla, a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, resting on the beach at Waikiki, who notices a dance couple practicing a partner routine for a dance competition. Intrigued,...
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July 22, 2013
An exciting new mystery novel by author George Hudson!

In the midst of a secret love affair, passions flare and a murder is committed. The crime, however, is unsolved. Carefully constructed lies and public ignorance hide the truth, and the victim disappears into history. The lives of those behind are drastically changed, but they eventually move on, believing the truth is safely buried forever.

Thirty years later, an old skull is recovered on a dark night by several fishermen from the middle o...
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March 9, 2013
THE DESPERATE CYCLE (Savant 2012) is Tony Tame's second dramatic novel of Jamaica, but the theme is not confined to Jamaican society. It examines the ways in which succeeding generations of people in what is loosely called "third world countries" handle, with courage, humor and resilience, the mountain of odds which history stacks against them.

This book does not treat any one participant in this "cycle" of inequality with particular distemper or sympathy. All the characters, from shifty polit...
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November 13, 2012
LIGHT SURFER follows the life of an enigmatic, abused child named Tony Jess. While Tony retreats further and further into autism, fate is plotting an out-of-this-world plan for his future that, even in his wildest "psychotic" dreams, he couldn't imagine. Sometimes, one needs to remain naïve for sanity's sake. At least, until the future has sufficiently gestated and is ready to become the present.

On the other hand, the fate of Dr. Baird, Tony's psychiatrist, appears, like that of Dr. Baird's ...
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October 30, 2012
Back in the 1930s, Americans would struggle to part with twenty-five cents in order to spend part of an afternoon at the movies trying to forget the Great Depression and the uncertain times outside the theater. Screwball comedies provided the antidote to their desolation in this difficult time in our history.

In THE LOONS (Savant 2012), I've recreated the spirit of laughable chaos reminiscent of the screwball comedies of the thirties with an eccentric family of seven DeLune cousins that neighb...
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September 29, 2012
David B. Seaburn draws from over thirty five years’ experience as a minister and psychotherapist to address some of the most basic issues of the human heart: loss, uncertainty, hope, fear, love, joy, seeking, wonder, and redemption. Seaburn has written and published three novels, DARKNESS IS AS LIGHT (2005) and PUMPKIN HILL (2007), and CHARLIE NO FACE (2011), which was a Finalist for the 2011 Indie Excellence in Books Award. Seaburn continues his focus on the dilemmas of human experience wi...
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August 10, 2012

“There are keys in the river.  Life is one long river, a pretty voice sings.”

Sometime during mid-1994, I started writing essays, poems, and short stories to help me pass the O-level English exams which I had failed a couple of times in the past. I never thought I was writing pieces that would be read; rather, I began writing simply as practice for this important exam, a rite of passage to higher education in Zimbabwe.

The works, however, continued to develop and evolve, as if they were st...
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June 28, 2012

When I first started writing TRAVELER'S REST back in 2005, it wasn’t my intention of writing a book. I had spent the last year and a half writing scripts for an Atlanta production company, my first paid gig as a writer. I enjoyed writing scripts, but I longed to writing stories. Given, the similar ruthlessness of both the book publishing and film-making worlds, I felt prepared.

A screenplay doesn’t really come to life unless it is produced. If it isn’t produced, the script might as well...
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June 14, 2012
Flush with success after receiving first place for poetry in the 2011 London Book Festival for WAVELENGTHS - The 2011 Savant Anthology of Poetry, we bring you FIFTY-EIGHT STONES - The 2012 Savant Anthology of Poetry!

FIFTY-EIGHT STONES presents thirty-four outstanding poems by eleven exceptional and many award-winning poets including Shawn Canon, Nadia Cox, Helen Doan, David Gemmell, Richard Hookway, Daniel S. Janik, Vivekanand Jha, Doc Krinberg, Julie McKinney, Francis Powell and Jean Yam...
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