August 6, 2015

Aren't we all a little crazy?

Have you ever wished to be a fly on the wall of a therapy room? Been curious about other people's lives? Wondered if theirs are as messy as your own? Is everyone crazy, like me?

There's a saying among therapists that we are all a little crazy, and, given the world we live in, this may not be a bad thing. Who doesn't have a wild Uncle Earl who wears mismatched socks and drinks too much at family barbecues? Oh, he's quite lovable, the way he brings stolen lollipops for the children without fail.  Would life really be as interesting without Grandma Ethel's insistence that a wedding just isn't a proper nuptial without lilacs and a marching band, complete with tuba player? 

If therapy room flies could talk, they would tell you that life is not always easy. And boiling a week's worth of emotions, troubles, and fears into less than an hour's time can be even more challenging. As humans, we struggle with the same issues—learning who we are, what we want out of life, who we want to be, and how to get there. We all run into obstacles. We fall, we get up, and the ride isn't always smooth. If we're lucky, we do it together—for good or bad.

When I first became a family therapist, one of my greatest challenges was moving between sessions with shy teens incapable of eye contact to teens unable to take a breath because of their manic mothers. I took on their anxieties and problems and felt like I was on a rollercoaster. The vicissitudes of several consecutive fifty-minute-hour daily mini-dramas almost made me abandon my dream of helping others. Then, I remembered the Big Joke: We are all a little crazy. So, I figured, why not celebrate our common nuttiness, and I decided to enjoy the ride.

CRAZY LIKE ME (Savant 2015) was born as a wink to our shared human experiences. I often wondered what it would be like to put that shy teenager in a room with the manic mother. I had a feeling they could help each other. When I finally did, I saw the magic of human connectedness. 

A work of fiction, CRAZY LIKE ME (Savant 2015) is the story of Dr. Katherine Murphy, a psychologist who has the guts to take on that same challenge and allow her clients to learn from one another.  Her recipe is simple: Take a few unhappy couples and a dash or two of lonely singles. Add broken hearts, anger, envy, betrayal, and hope. Stir continuously for fifty minutes.  Simmer and repeat.  Soon, lives collide in the craziest of ways. 

I did not know what would happen to the doctor and crew when I first put these characters in a group therapy room together, but, like a fly on the wall, I found myself learning more than I ever imagined from Katherine and her eccentric clients. I stopped looking at the clock and let them take me on their journey. They made me laugh. They made me cry. They warmed my heart. Best, they surprised me. They are, after all, crazy, like me. 

In CRAZY LIKE ME, one doesn't need to be a fly on the psychotherapy wall to meet some of the most inspirational characters imaginable, who will, in turn, challenge you, and make you laugh out loud. Instead of being a fly, I invite you to come as you are to Katherine's Friday group sessions. You will meet a man who dresses like a rainbow and has a matching personality, a terrified grandmother stepping out—runway style—into the world for the first time, a spunky couple fighting for their children, and a girl who needs her pet lizards to feel alive. The rules are simple: Respect one another and keep what's said in group in confidence. Before you know it, you, too, will be looking around the room thinking they are crazylike me.



July 21, 2015
“Max yawned and began to stretch, stopping short when the pain in his neck shot down his arm. He walked back into his room, sat on the bed, and then lay back, pulling the sheet up to his chin. He rolled over onto his left side. His head sank deep into the pillow, and he closed his eyes. The events of the day receded into the darkness. His breathing deepened and slowed as exhaustion took over. The room was quiet. A mourning dove cooed outside his bedroom window. Just as sleep was about to ov...
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June 30, 2015

What would the world be like if our children ceased to pursue their dreams? How dismal it would be without their expression! their song, their dance!

"That just cannot happen!
Get up little cutie.
Impressive art takes work,
The world needs your beauty!"

The birds in Ballerina Birdies know how to enjoy themselves, but they also know how rewarding hard work and discipline can be. Birds of all shapes and sizes are included, lest we miss out on anyone's talents. While this book will definitely be a...

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April 24, 2015
Corbenic's valley lay hidden, in a corner of Lystenoys close by the sea, and it was not wholly by chance that any man found his way there, including Launcelot.

It was spring when he came; the hills of the valley were verdant, the gorse yellow all about, and the evening mists fragrant.  She was not looking for love that day…

She was Elaine, daughter of the fisher king and of the lineage of the grail keepers, and the mystery of the grail, the sacred cup that lay within Corbenic's walls, was in ...
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April 8, 2015
FLIGHT OF DESTINY commences with a problem that everyone faces at one time or another:  The task of placing a name, can be niggling, but what if this task becomes an obsession and the person behind the name a dark specter? In the second story, two parents’ worst nightmare emerges when their cherished infant goes missing. In this case it’s the fault of the father, and while neither can forgive him, does all the blame really lie with him? The third story, “Opium” explores Oscar Wilde’...
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March 18, 2015
Many people go through life thinking that they are stuck—it might be a lower socioeconomic status, it might be a grueling job, it might be an unhealthy relationship—but even when all hope seems lost, some people can find the spark of hope. It is the singular star in a night sky that can guide the way. Despite the feeling that some things are set in stone, Written in the Stars is an anthology that says no, that's wrong. Nothing is set in stone, and everything can get better. It may take ti...
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September 5, 2014
My newest release, THE HANGING OF DR. HANSON (Savant 2014), already began receiving wide spread interest and acclaim even before it was released. It's the tale of Dr. Hanson Bumgardner, better known as "Dr. Hanson." The story is set in the tumultuous mid-1800's when historic forces were driving the United States of America towards what seemed to be certain self-destruction.

Hanson Bumgardner is an historical figure. Researching his life, especially on the Western plains and during the Civil W...
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July 28, 2014
IN THE EYES OF THE SON (Savant 2014) is a fictional novel about a man's struggle to create a place for himself. Like Peter, the protagonist, I spent years building a life that was sound and stable, while trying to achieve success in a field of uncertainties. What I went through since my youth in Holland became the inspiration for Peter's story.

Peter dreamt of life with a camera. His left-wing father, Eduard – a journalist and former WWII photographer – at first supports his son’s ambit...
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July 19, 2014
Richard Rose recently hosted a combined author/book release party with great success, his newly released THE LAZARUS CONSPIRACIES receiving accolades as a "masterpiece."

Way to go Richard!  Check out this books great review in the Huffington Post at

and this other great review in Chicago's "I On The Scene" at
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June 22, 2014
If you read The Paris Review; if you listen to NPR; if Tom Robbins makes your head spin while your heart sinks because, face it, you'll never make woo-woo magic with words the way he does; if Keats, Yeats, Joyce, or maybe T.S Eliot is a favorite, you'll particularly love this year's Savant Poetry Anthology, VOLUTIONS.

Another way of saying this, is if you have ever loved anyone, anything or any place so rightly or so wrongly that it hurt, hated (yes, hated) injustice, or thought poetry ought...
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